Östergötland’s museum wants to borrow Rembrandt’s last painting

At the end of the summer, the National Museum announced that it risked losing the right to display the painting from the 17th century – which is considered one of the most valuable paintings in Swedish ownership. The National Museum believes that the rent is too expensive.

Since then, the Art Academy, which owns the work, has tried to find other solutions. One option that has been raised has been, among other things, lending the painting indefinitely to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

A formal application

But now Östergötland’s museum is entering the tug of war over the painting. They have now submitted a formal application to the Academy of Arts for a loan or deposit of the work.

– There are few artists who are as famous as Rembrandt, and the oath of allegiance of the Batavers is definitely one of the most famous works among the art treasures found in Sweden. Having the opportunity to show this work in Östergötland would mean a lot to us as a county museum, says museum director Olof Hermelin in a press release.

In the past, the Zorn Museum in Mora has also registered an interest in disposing of the work.