Orpo met Poland’s Tusk in Warsaw – Europe must be prepared for the worst scenarios, said Tusk | Foreign countries

Orpo met Polands Tusk in Warsaw aE Europe must be

The prime ministers talked about border security, Ukraine and the defense industry.

WARSAW The Prime Minister Petteri Orpo met his official brother, the Prime Minister of Poland Donald Hardly today in Warsaw. The discussions focused on burning security policy topics: Ukraine, speeding up the production of the European defense industry and border security.

Orpo warmly welcomed the winds of change in Poland towards the new government. A barely pro-EU government started its work in December. Before that, Poland had been ruled by the nationalist PiS party for eight years.

At the Prime Minister’s press conference, journalists were told that they were not allowed to ask questions. went to interview Orpo later.

– We talked about cooperation in defense. There are really a lot of things in common at this moment, Orpo said.

According to him, Finland and Poland share the same challenges in the Baltic Sea and in the area opposite Russia.

– It is clear that there is really a lot to be achieved in our cooperation in NATO and between the countries. And both recognize these two sides, Orpo said.

Finland has traditionally directed its gaze in defense cooperation towards Sweden and the other Nordic countries. Now Sweden has also highlighted the importance of Polish unity.

Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström has said that he discussed the Polish foreign minister RadosÅ‚aw Sikorski with several times recently.

– Relations between Sweden and Poland need to be tightened, Billström said in the Swedish parliament.

Tusk said at the press conference that Poland has a long tradition of defense cooperation with Finland.

– Patria and Rosomak are flagship examples of good defense cooperation between Finland and Poland.

Rosamak is the name given by Poland to Patria’s combat vehicles, which were sold to the Polish Defense Forces in the early 2000s. Since then, Poland sent vehicles to Ukraine.

Relations between Finland and Poland have received wind in their sails, as Poland has become the closest military power in NATO to Finland after Finland’s NATO membership. Unlike Germany and many other European countries, Poland with a population of 38 million has invested in its defense long-term even before Russia’s full-scale attack on Ukraine.

According to Orpo, Poland’s role in a possible crisis situation would be particularly important in the Baltic Sea.

– We are on the same field. If, for example, someone from the east were to attack Europe, then yes, it would be the Baltic Sea region together that would be defended. Then we have exactly the same interests. Poland’s role is absolutely essential.

Europe is in a hurry – cannot rely solely on US support

Orpo emphasized that the most important thing for Europe’s overall security would be to get Europe’s defense industry up and running quickly, because the situation in Ukraine is worrying and dangerous.

– We must have an answer and stop Russia’s growing and obvious threat to the countries of the European Union. We cannot rely only on the USA for our defense.

Tusk also emphasized the seriousness of the situation. He said that Europe should raise defense spending radically.

– Europe, Finland and Poland must be ready for the worst scenarios. Europe must be ready, it must be ready to defend itself, Tusk said.

Border security came up

Tusk said that Russia’s border neighbors should intensify cooperation in border security. According to him, Finland and Poland are ready to strengthen the kind of policy that can be used to combat illegal immigration.

– Both countries have decided to strengthen their borders by installing fences, said Tusk.

Orpo said that Finland sees border security very similarly to Poland.

– It is clear that we need EU-level means to prevent and manage situations in which instrumentalized immigration is used against us.