Organic, local and fair trade food: criteria that have become essential in the eyes of consumers

Organic local and fair trade food criteria that have become

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  • Posted on 02/16/2021

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    Eco-responsible, local, good for health, positive for society … Consumers are increasingly careful when it comes to selecting food products. And these new requirements are far from corresponding to a simple “fad”, underlines the 2020 barometer of the company Dunnhumby.

    The French are more and more attentive to the origin and quality of products. The study tells us, for example, that 71% consume organic at least once a month and at least once a week for 47% of them. But organic is not the only criterion for consumers: they also demand local, sustainable, quality and good for health products.

    If the health crisis has something to do with it, it seems to have simply amplified an awareness already present before the pandemic. Only 20% of them explain, for example, that they pay more attention to “best quality” since the arrival of Covid-19.

    While prices and in-store experience are still the most important criteria in the eyes of the French when shopping for food, the authors of the report are categorical: “We are no longer in the fashion effect and the ecological consideration of brands is fast becoming the number 1 criterion for consumers. Providing access to an offer of natural, organic, local, sustainable and quality products is no longer an option for retailers “, they say.

    Expectations that indeed encourage companies to review their copy, some having already started a transition to a more eco-responsible approach. This is, for example, E. Leclerc, who is at the top of the ranking established by the Dunnhumnby barometer (out of six major supermarket brands). The two other brands favored by the respondents are Carrefour and Intermarché. As for specialized stores, Biocoop wins the prize, ahead of retailers “Grand Fresh” and “Picard”.

    In addition to their efforts to offer fresh, seasonal products, these brands are praised for their ability to diversify their offerings, as well as for their eco-responsible approach.

    Study carried out in October 2020 among more than 4,000 consumers residing in France.

    Lea Drouelle