Or Is a New FIFA Game Coming?

Or Is a New FIFA Game Coming

Allegations that 2K Games, one of today’s biggest gaming companies, made an agreement with FIFA have surrounded the gaming world. These claims turned everyone’s attention to the new FIFA game.

EA Games and FIFA, which have been together for many years and ended their relationship recently, brought the end of FIFA, a legendary game series. Even though the series has ended, it continues to maintain its place on the agenda with constant news. It is claimed that the FIFA series will be redeveloped and released by 2K Games.

New leaks in the gaming industry revealed that FIFA and 2K Games have established a partnership. It was said that this game, which is planned to be more comprehensive than previous productions, will serve as a football simulation. Let us also remind you that 2K Games is the producer of series such as NBA and WWE.

FIFA 2K Games

According to the allegations, the FIFA 2K game may be offered to gamers along with the 2026 World Cup. In this case, we can say that EA Sports will remain alone at the top for a while.

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