opening of the campaign for the presidential election

opening of the campaign for the presidential election

The campaign for the Egyptian presidential election officially opens this Thursday, November 9. The Sissi government has been promising a democratic, transparent election for months and calling for a massive turnout of Egyptians to the polls on December 10, 2023. But the result of the vote already seems written. Faced with General Al-Sissi, there is no credible candidate. Many Egyptians denounce a false election, with no real stake.

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With our correspondent in Cairo, Léonie Lebrun

In the streets of Cairo, Egyptians are cautious when it comes to talking politics. the few who risk it have heard very little about the campaign which opens today: “Is it this Thursday? I didn’t know, I swear. There are no elections in reality, it could have been if the opponent Ahmed al-Tantawi had participated but without him, no. You see, I didn’t even know that the campaign was starting this Thursday. »

Standing in front of one of the many portraits of President Sissi displayed in town, Mahmoud, 25, will not go to vote: “ The polling stations? No really. I will not go. Like I told you, it won’t make a difference. Sissi has held power with an iron fist since the beginning, if he has to do it until 2030, well it will be 2030. »

Masquerade »

Facing the president, only one man seemed credible, Ahmed al-Tantawi. He was prevented from participating due to lack of sufficient sponsorship. Rowan was one of his supporters. She denounces obstructions: “ We wanted to go to the polls, we demanded democracy by going to the polls. But we couldn’t do sponsorships for Tantawi. How is it possible ? In this case, let’s not talk about democracy… It’s a masquerade, a beautiful masquerade. »

In the absence of real democracy, she says, there is no question for her of going to the polls on December 10.

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