OpenAI Sora rival Runway Gen-3 Alpha introduced

OpenAI sora Its rival, video-focused productive artificial intelligence systems, continues to make a splash. This time Runway Gen-3 Alpha introduced.

Runway Gen-3 Alpha, Like OpenAI’s Sora, it can create videos from text. The system can produce high quality videos up to 10 seconds long. specifically focuses on high realism. Some video examples created with Gen-3 Alpha, which is not yet known when it will be available to everyone Here is shared. The system, which is thought to have a monthly price of 15 dollars and a yearly price of 144 dollars, currently promises a great future. Before that, Luma AI’s new system Dream Machine had arrived. The system, whose promotional video you can watch below, It can now produce 5-second high-quality results within 2 minutes.. The technology, which is stated to be able to produce longer content over time, greatly impresses those who try it. Some examples produced with the system Here And Here Dream Machine, unlike many similar ones, here It can be tried for free now on the website.


KLING by Kuaishou was announced last week. Able to create videos from text and As you can see in the X post here KLING, which produces very good results, is developed by China-based Kuaishou. The service is stated to be able to create 30 fps videos at 1080P resolution for up to 2 minutes., has the potential to create content that is not necessarily artificial intelligence production in the future. Official site Here The service is not available to everyone yet.

OpenAI’s Sora has frequently made a splash with a YouTube detail in recent months. OpenAI CTO Mira Murati Asked by Joanna Stern in recent months, “Was Sora trained with YouTube videos?” After thinking about the question for a while, surprisingly, “I’m not exactly sure about that.” your answer had given.

Murati stated that they used publicly available videos and privately licensed video sets in training the system. He does not accept it directly in order to avoid legal problems.Interestingly, he does not deny it, but it is very likely that Sora’s training was helped by millions of videos on YouTube.

It does not seem possible for the system to reach its breathtaking current state without support from videos on YouTube.OpenAI generally uses publicly available content LLM (Large Language Model) thinks that it can be used free of charge in education. This issue came up again later because OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap directed towards, “Was Sora trained with YouTube videos?” He avoided answering the question.

Speaking about this, YouTube CEO Neal Mohandoesn’t know if OpenAI used YouTube videos to train Sora, but He states that such a situation would be a clear violation of the platform’s policies. YouTube will file a serious lawsuit against OpenAI on this issue in the coming period. can open. If you missed it, the company’s new artificial intelligence model “Sora”, It can produce 60-second videos from text And It produces very, very good results.