OpenAI shared ad-style videos prepared with “Sora”

OpenAI also wants to expand into Hollywood especially with Sora

Artificial intelligence system that still impresses at an incredibly high level OpenAI Sora, It attracted attention with the newly shared videos this evening.

OpenAI’s new artificial intelligence model “Sora”, if you don’t know It can produce 60-second videos from text And It produces very, very good results. The company, which entered this field a little late but has prepared a very ambitious infrastructure, opens Sora to certain people at the first stage against possible security risks. They said that they would make the public exit open to everyone later in order to prevent abuse of the system and According to the statement made by Mira Murati, it aims to start full use in the coming months. OpenAI states that Sora can produce complex scenes with a large number of characters / people / creatures / objects, system today Here It brings up videos in the style of a shared commercial. “Since introducing Sora, we have been working with visual artists, designers, creative directors and filmmakers to learn how the system can aid their creative processes.” OpenAI continues to present a future that is both exciting and frightening.


According to new news, the company wants to see this system in the Hollywood world as well. Sources from Bloomberg According to reports, OpenAI management will travel to Los Angeles next week and hold meetings there with Hollywood studios, media executives and some agents to establish partnerships on the entertainment industry side and encourage filmmakers to integrate Sora into their work. soraAs you can see in the new videos, it already reveals a huge future potential and scares especially film / TV series producers with what it can do.

One of those names Tyler Perry After seeing the shocking Sora during an interview He said he was putting his $800 million production studio expansion plan on hold.. Stating that mind-blowing systems like Sora will touch every corner of the industry, for better or worse, Perry is not the only one who thinks that these systems will deeply affect the film / TV series industry, a new era is at the door.