OpenAI introduced Sora, which turns text into video

Making a big impact with what it offers with ChatGPT and other services OpenAI, He introduced Sora, who made a video of what was written today.

OpenAIwhich makes what is written visual DALL-E Later, he also turned his hand to video production. The company’s new artificial intelligence model “Sora”, It can produce 60-second videos from what people write. (This time is well beyond the competition) and as shown in the X post below It produces very, very good results. The company entered this field a little late but has prepared a very ambitious infrastructure. He states that Sora will be opened to certain people in the first stage against possible security risks. The company says that they will make a public release later in order to prevent misuse of the system, and states that Sora can produce complex scenes with a large number of characters / people / creatures / objects. The first examples shown confirm this.. The system that blends people’s wishes with physical reality is not yet perfect and OpenAI also acknowledges this, making it clear that there are some weaknesses. Of course, it will be improved over time, like DALL-E sora, already reveals a huge future potential. What Sora can do Here You can also see.

The company has come to the fore with many different developments these days. For example, today it was claimed that the company could offer a search solution that directly rivals Google. For those who missed it The Informationdeveloped ChatGPT OpenAI He claimed that his company was working on a search solution/engine to rival Google. There are not many details about this yet, but sources indicate that this intriguing solution is based on the recently developed OpenAI-supported Copilot. The search engine states that Microsoft will be Bing. It needs to take a huge step to compete with Google on the search engine side and OpenAI is one of the rare companies that can make such a big surprise., has become the name that scares Google the most in recent years. recently named “Gemini” productive artificial intelligence based chat bot Google Bardwas born directly after ChatGPT exploded and was initially criticized for being too rushed. By the way, let us point out that Google did not abandon the search side to its fate.. The company has long integrated generative artificial intelligence into its search results and is conducting public tests on this subject in some countries.

OpenAI It was on the agenda yesterday too. Microsoft and OpenAI, which have been working together for a long time, yesterday “Hackers use ChatGPT to enhance their cyber attacks” description made. This is not actually a big surprise because systems like ChatGPT, in addition to their great benefits, open many different doors in bad ways. It can save a lot of time against undesirable situations.

Providing information on this basis within the scope of the newly published research Microsoft And OpenAI, “Russia, North Korea, Iran and China” to investigate the targets identified by sponsored groups, to develop the scripts used in the hacking process, and most importantly, to create social engineering techniques He states that they detected that they were using tools such as ChatGPT..

Microsoft and OpenAI have not yet detected any significant attacks using LLMs such as GPT-4, but It states that they have closed all accounts associated with hacking groups. Nowadays, every company working on chat bots or big language models needs to pay great attention to this issue, especially open source big language models need to have special strong protection systems against these situations.