OpenAI and Google used YouTube videos for LLM education

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OpenAI, the giant of artificial intelligence, and Google, the internet giant, reportedly created YouTube videos for LLM education. used.

It is stated that OpenAI and Google use transcriptions of YouTube videos to train artificial intelligence models, or in other words, large language models (LLM). This issue, brought up by The New York Times, is reportedly YouTube violates creators’ copyrights, Google states that the process only covers the content of people who are approved for education. OpenAI does not make a statement on this issue yet, stating that the company has trained at least two different artificial intelligence systems with YouTube videos and podcasts. OpenAI reportedly used Whisper speech recognition tool to transcribe more than a million hours of YouTube videos, may face a serious lawsuit regarding this issue, and this may cause Google a lot of trouble. This has been on the agenda for a while now, as OpenAI CTO Mira Murati recently asked “Was Sora trained with YouTube videos?” There was an evasive answer to his question. If you missed it Murati asked by Joanna Stern last month, “Was Sora trained with YouTube videos?” After thinking about the question for a while, surprisingly, “I’m not exactly sure about that.” your answer had given.


Murati stated that they used publicly available videos and privately licensed video sets in training the system. He does not accept it directly in order to avoid legal problems.Interestingly, he does not deny it, but it is very likely that Sora’s training was aided by millions of videos on YouTube (Google may not like this at all and may file an official lawsuit if it finds evidence in the coming period.).

It does not seem possible for the system to reach its breathtaking current state without support from videos on YouTube.OpenAI generally uses publicly available content LLM (Large Language Model) thinks that it can be used free of charge in education. Speaking about this issue for the first time the other day, YouTube’s CEO Neal Mohandoesn’t know if OpenAI used the platform’s videos to train Sora, but He states that such a situation would be a clear violation of the platform’s policies.