Open Fiber, in Lacchiarella (Milan) until April 1st 50 euro gift voucher for new users

Open Fiber Casal Velino work completed for the ultra fast internet

(Finance) – Here comes 50 euro voucher to be converted into an Amazon Gift Vouchera MediaWorld gift card or a Q8 fuel voucher: this is the offer available to citizens in municipality of Lacchiarella who intend to activate an ultra-fast connection through Open Fiber partner operators by April 1, 2024. “Open Fiber rewards you” is an initiative aimed at encouraging the use of the very high speed and capacity network created in the areas involved in the BUL Plan.

To access this opportunity, residents of the municipality will be able to check the coverage of their address on the site, choose a partner operator and activate their ultra-fast connection: at that point they must fill out the form to receive their voucher.

The ultra-fast network available in Lacchiarella from the offer reaches 1840 total real estate units through FTTH technology (Fiber-to-the-home, the optical fiber extended up to the inside of buildings), the only solution capable of guaranteeing connection speeds of 1 Gigabit per second and even higher. This is a strategic investment for the digitalisation of the territory which does not burden the municipality’s budget. The technological infrastructure, in fact, was financed with regional and state funds as part of the Ultra Broadband Plan (BUL) managed by Infratel Italia, a company of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, with the coordination of the Lombardy region. The new network will remain publicly owned.

“The FTTH fiber optic network and the Open Fiber cabling project guarantee ultra-fast and modern connectivity, which will enable the use of all those digital services that are now essential for citizens and businesses such as: smart working, online shopping, video streaming content and the internet of things, as well as access to remote public administration services”, he says Felice Vagliviello, field manager of Open Fiber in the municipality of Lacchiarella. Among the connected public offices, the following stand out: the municipality, the nursery and the senior center and personal service activities.