Open-Es, ENI and UniCredit together for sustainable business growth

Open Es ENI and UniCredit together for sustainable business growth

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – ENI And UniCredit today announced their partnership in open-es, the system initiative that aims to strengthen collaboration between companies and to accompany them in measuring and improving their ESG performance.

Open-es – explains the note – it is an open alliance involving the entrepreneurial, financial and associative worlds in supporting all companies in the path of sustainable development through a digital platform. Launched by Eni in 2021, the initiative today involves more than 10,000 companies and 20 partners and thanks to an inclusive and collaborative approach it forms a virtuous community of
entities committed to achieving ESG objectives.

The entry as Value-Chain Leader partner in this alliance will allow UniCredit to play a strategic role in the sustainable development of the Italian entrepreneurial system, with initiatives and tools useful to all companies, regardless of size.

By adhering to Open-esUniCredit once again confirms its ambition to achieve the Net Zero goals by 2050, as well as the bank’s ongoing commitment to supporting customers and communities in their journey towards a just and equitable transition.

“At UniCredit we want to equip our customers with information, tools and training on innovations to best support them in their climate transition plans. Our partnership with Eni in the context of Open-es represents a further step in this journey and underlines the importance of collaboration on all segments of the value chain”, declared Fiona MelroseHead of Group Strategy & ESG at UniCredit.

“Two years ago we launched Open-es with the aim of creating an open alliance, inclusive and cross-industry to promote the sustainable development of all companies with a spirit of system. Unicredit’s entry into this open alliance confirms that by joining the efforts of large industrial and financial operators, we can accelerate the energy transition and ESG objectives with a spirit of system and involving the entire production system”, he observes Constantine Chessa, Head of Procurement at Eni.

A partnership – the one between the financial and industrial sectors – created by Open-es which “not only promotes synergies for companies in terms of efficiency in sharing information, but also plays a decisive role in encouraging investments and promoting concrete actions for the sustainability of the entrepreneurial system”.

This collaboration – concludes the note – represents a further step in the path verstowards a system alliance, which sees the full involvement of the corporate ecosystem in line with the evolution of ESG legislation.