Open beta in the live ticker – All current information about the start

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The open beta of Diablo 4 will start on March 24th. MeinMMO will be there live for you and will be ticking the start. All information about queues, problems and errors can be found here if it happens.

When does the open beta end?

You can play until Monday, March 27th at 21:00. However, the servers were online for around 20 minutes longer during the first beta.

How big is the open beta?

For the download you need up to 85 GB of free memory, depending on the platform. The preload has already started.

Who can join?

The Open Beta is free for everyone, you don’t need to pre-order Diablo 4. Simply download the beta from your platform store or

What can I play in the Open Beta?

Unlike the first beta, all 5 classes from Diablo 4 are available to you this weekend, including the necromancer and the druid. You can play Act 1 up to a maximum of level 25.

MeinMMO accompanies the start of the open beta here in the live ticker. We’ll start tomorrow morning and provide you with the latest information about the launch and new information that emerges throughout the day.

By the way, if you play in the beta up to level 20, you will get a cute wolf pup as a transmog for the release on June 6th.

In our hub you will find all information about the beta of Diablo 4 in detail. You can see our assessment of the first beta of Diablo 4 here:

Diablo 4 Beta: Performance and fun are good, but important questions remain unanswered – the conclusion of the MeinMMO editors

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Queues and errors should improve

In the first beta, there were problems and queues that caused some players to be unable to log in permanently. Even the ones that got into the game kept getting kicked out because of server issues.

Also, some gamers have reported that Diablo 4 would allegedly stew their graphics cards. However, there is no official confirmation of this.

It is currently difficult to estimate whether there will also be problems with the open beta on March 24th. At least the probability of queues is extremely high, since this time many more interested people can play.

However, Blizzard has learned from the first test and has already planned a patch that should take care of the big problems:

Diablo 4 Brings Update to Open Beta – Patch Notes Promise Better Queues