OPA Net Insurance, subscriptions over 49%

Takeover bid DeA Capital subscriptions over 10

(Finance) – As part of thetakeover bid (OPA) voluntary full share offer promoted by Net Holding (which belongs to Poste Vita) on the ordinary shares of Net Insurancean insurance company listed on Euronext STAR Milan, it appears that today, 16 March 2023, 18,580 applications for membership have been submitted.

Therefore, overall, there are 8,912,349 subscription requests, equal to 49.2% of the offer and 45.5% of the possible maximum 19,590,153 shares offered. The second figure takes into account the full exercise of the warrants.

The offer began on February 27, 2023 and will end on April 6, 2023.

Italian Stock Exchange he reminds that the Net Insurance ordinary shares purchased on the market on 5 and 6 April 2023 cannot be contributed in acceptance of the offer.

(Photo: © Davide Fiorenzo De Conti / 123RF)