Only one in ten enjoys school – record low results

On Tuesday, the Public Health Authority released its new survey, which mapped school children’s health habits for the 2021/22 school year. Everything from well-being at school to how many have tried alcohol and drugs. The percentage of teenagers who enjoy school is the lowest in ten years, when the Public Health Agency began its studies.

More snuff

While one number is decreasing, another is increasing. Use of alcohol, tobacco and even cannabis is increasing. More than half of all 15-year-old girls have tried alcohol. An increase of eleven percentage points compared to the study from 2017/18.

There is also a large increase among 15-year-old girls who have used snus. That number lands at 27 percent, which is a substantial increase from the previous study which showed that seven percent of the age group had tried the addictive nicotine pouches.

According to the students at Järnåkraskolan, they have also noticed that many people snuff.

– I don’t see it as a huge problem. You have to take responsibility yourself and be able to keep track so you don’t become dependent, says Hannes Santos Bülund.

Improved eating habits

However, not everything is negative in the report. The school children’s eating habits have improved and so has the relationship with the parents.

Ninth grader Linn Blomé talks about how it can be difficult to share everything.

– Some things I don’t feel comfortable telling my parents because I might be embarrassed, but I’m usually open and honest with them.