Only in the course of the afternoon trains again, the fire brigade receives more than a thousand damage reports

Only in the course of the afternoon trains again the

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PROVINCE OF UTRECHT – The trains will start running again in the course of the afternoon, the NS said. Repair work after the storm has now been completed in a number of places in the country. Travelers should take into account possible longer travel times or possibly more frequent changes, warns the NS. The normal timetable will not yet be available on all routes on Saturday.

It is now becoming increasingly clear how much damage Eunice has caused. For example, a spokesperson for the Utrecht Security Region (VRU) said that more than a thousand reports of damage had been received in the province until last night. Later today, the VRU will publish the final number of reports.

Major damage on track

In any case, the damage on the majority of the track is still large on Saturday. Storm Eunice has caused trees to fall on many routes or damage to overhead wires. In many places in the country, ProRail employees are still working hard to repair that damage. Travelers are advised to keep a close eye on the NS travel planner before departure.

ProRail employees started early on Saturday morning to repair the damage caused by storm Eunice to the track. Trees have fallen or overhead wires have been damaged on many routes.

Plastic in the overhead lines

“In the meantime, the storm in most of the Netherlands has reached such a level that it can be observed throughout the country and the repair work can be started safely,” ProRail writes in the live blog about the storm.

ProRail still receives most of the reports about trees on the track. “But we also often see that plastic has gotten into the overhead lines. In order to repair this, the tension must first be removed from the overhead wires before our technicians can remove it.”

Still hindered by storm on roads

Also on the roads this Saturday morning, hard work is being done to clean up the things that have ended up on them by storm Eunice. Rijkswaterstaat advises road users to check the traffic information and the weather information before departure. “Take into account nuisance caused by clean-up and repair work,” advises a spokeswoman for Rijkswaterstaat.

A lot has already been cleaned up last night, she says: traffic signs, branches, trees. There were also many overturned trucks on the road and a traffic screen came loose somewhere and ended up on the road.

The ANWB warns that there could be heavy gusts of wind in the coming hours. The spokeswoman for Rijkswaterstaat emphasizes that it is therefore wise to remain alert to this. “Both hands on the wheel.”

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