Only 1 in 4 French people know what this new sign means even though it can save lives

Three out of 4 French people do not know what

This new sign was added to the highway code in 2011 and yet very few French people still know what it means.

Road accidents cause thousands of deaths per year, not counting injuries. Knowledge and recognition of road signs are essential to guarantee the safety of everyone on the road. Yet three out of four French people do not know the meaning of a particular sign.

The panel in question is triangular in shape with a red border. It represents a vehicle emitting waves. It symbolizes the potential presence of patches of fog or smoke on the road. This sign is generally placed upstream of areas where the risk of fog formation is high, particularly near bodies of water, valleys or forests. It alerts drivers of the need to reduce their speed and increase their vigilance. The fact that many motorists are unaware of its meaning highlights the importance of road safety awareness and education.

Fog significantly reduces visibility on the road, making driving extremely hazardous. Fog accidents are often serious because of the high speed at which they occur. Drivers, not perceiving the danger in time, often do not have the opportunity to brake or maneuver to avoid a collision. It is in this context that the fog patch warning sign takes on its full importance. It serves as a reminder to drivers of the need to adapt their driving to weather conditions.

Unfortunately, the ignorance of the meaning of this sign by a large majority of French drivers is worrying. This lack of awareness can have dramatic consequences, as it deprives drivers of a crucial warning that could save their lives. It is therefore imperative to strengthen awareness and education campaigns on the meaning and importance of road signs.