One of the world’s most shocking horror films is back in home theaters and the collector’s edition is almost sold out

One of the worlds most shocking horror films is back

The horror shocker released in 2007 based on the novel “The Girl Next Door” by horror author Jack Ketchum is known, among other things, for the fact that even genre legend Stephen King wrote the strip as “most shocking film” since the classic Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer and called “the dark version of Stand by Me”. Now you can get Jack Ketchum’s Evil, based on true events, in a new edition for your home theater.

The film can be ordered on Amazon as a Standard 4K version * as well as on Blu ray * Pre-order as FSK18 uncut and has been since March available on DVD *. The 4K first release as a collector’s edition with media book and booklet is sold out at Amazon at the normal price, but at MediaMarkt you can still get copies *. Alternatively, you can Streamed on Amazon Prime* become.

That’s what Jack Ketchum’s Evil is about

After the accidental death of their parents in 1958, the sisters Megan and Susan are placed in the care of their mentally unstable aunt Ruth. 12-year-old David from the neighborhood befriends the beautiful Megan and sees her treated with contempt by Ruth and her three sons. It all escalates, from physical assaults to torture.

In the Moviepilot community, Jack Ketchum’s Evil received a solid rating of 6.5 and the fellow Filmstarts also gave it 3.5 stars out of 5 in their reviews. As if the above-mentioned praise of Stephen King himself wasn’t enough, the film is also described here as “for strong nerves” and as a “disturbing trip into human abysses”, who probably deserves the title “Evil” like no other.

Even more horror on Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney+

If Jack Ketchum’s Evil isn’t for you, Amazon Prime currently also has a damn good horror thriller with extreme suspense and a harrowing twist at 600 meters, or the return of one of the most brutal series ever. Meanwhile, on Netflix, you’ll see fan-controversial sci-fi horror, and on Disney+, a disturbing horror nightmare is blowing your mind by the minute.

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