One of the most successful animes on Netflix makes James Bond look old ‒ and there is no end in sight

One of the most successful animes on Netflix makes James

The current anime series Spy x Family is very popular. The original by Tatsuya Endo is on the list of the best-selling mangas of all time, while the anime adaptation is number 1 on Moviepilot in the best spy series and has a high rating of 8.1.

According to Anime News Network, after two seasons and the movie Spy x Family – Code: White, the series will now be released with a 3rd season will continue. This will again be animated by TV Tokyo at Wit Studio and CloverWorks.

The spy anime Spy x Family gets a 3rd season: James Bond can pack up

A first visual for season 3 by Spy x Family was released on the official social media accounts. It was created by art director Yuni Yoshida and shows little Anya Forger with her four-legged friend Bond, who was apparently named after 007:


Spy x Family: Season 3

In Germany, the first season of Spy x Family is available at Netflix streamable. For the second season you have to contact the anime streamer Crunchyroll turn around.

What is the anime Spy x Family on Netflix actually about?

Agent Twilight is the most capable spy of the nation Westalis, which is in conflict with its neighboring country Ostania. The head of the unity party there only shows up at his son’s school. Twilight assumes the identity of Lord Forger and adopts a girl named Anya from the orphanage in order to gain access to the educational institution. The two are assigned the city employee Yor as their mother. but the agent does not suspect two things: His “daughter” can read minds and his “wife” is secretly a notorious assassin.

The Action comedy with Mr. & Mrs. Smith elements in anime form has been running as a manga since 2019 and has produced 13 volumes so far. Plenty of material for the future of the anime, the end of which is not yet in sight.

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