One of the most popular surround sound systems now unbeatably affordable

One of the most popular surround sound systems now unbeatably

The ULTIMA 40 from Teufel are the absolute bestsellers among the floorstanding speakers from the German audio specialist and paired with subwoofers etc. in the 5.1 set offered, they promise excellent sound for your home cinema.

The surround system will be available in the online shop until November 6th from Teufel is 300 euros cheaper offered at the lowest price to date according to comparison sites and it won’t be cheaper on Black Friday either, the manufacturer assures. With the voucher code VKF-N6PU-UWI there is also free shipping and an 8-week right of return.

This is what Teufel’s ULTIMA 40 5.1 set offers

Teufel promises for the 5.1 home cinema set With 590 watts peak power not only room-filling sound
at a high level for films, but also for music and gaming sound with “precise location of all sound events”. Also on board are tweeters with a phase plug and a powerful subwoofer, which functions either as a front or downfire subwoofer and can optionally be controlled wirelessly.

According to Teufel, the 3-way system of the ULTIMA 40 with two heavy-duty woofers ensures high, distortion-free levels, while the ULTIMA 20 rear speakers plus center with double midrange drivers ensure good speech intelligibility. The set is Suitable for every AV receiver and suitable for stand, shelf or wall mounting.

The reviews in the Teufel online shop are average 4.89 out of 5 stars from 394 reviews, who almost universally praise the set as an excellent home cinema system with a very good price-performance ratio. Only in a few cases were there processing errors, but these were replaced.

Soundbar as an alternative to the surround system

If you don’t have room for the rather large ULTIMA set, you can currently get hold of the also well-rated Cinebar 11 together with a subwoofer in a 2.1 set at Teufel. There is even a 33 percent price advantage here and you can save on shipping again with the voucher code VKF-N6PU-UWI.

The Cinebar 11 2.1 set is listed among soundbars with a separate subwoofer by Stiftung Warentest (08/2021). to first place with an overall grade of 2.4 (“Good”) and impresses with an excellent sound for the price and size, while the subwoofer hardly takes up any space.

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