One of the most brutal horror series is back, but without the main star

One of the most brutal horror series is back but

When the low-budget shocker Saw hit the cinemas in 2004, nobody could have guessed that the story of the Jigsaw Killer and his insidious torture traps would blossom into a franchise that, almost 20 years later, would still have horror fans enthusiastic about new films.

The 10th Saw film will start in cinemas next fall. With Amazon Prime Video you can from today the latest and most unusual chapter in the torture saga stream. With Saw: Spiral, the series took a whole new direction – with the stars Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson, but without franchise legend Tobin Bell.

Saw: Spiral completely reinvents the horror franchise

In Spiral, a killer keeps detective Zeke Banks (Chris Rock) and his fellow Metro Police Department on their toes. Gradually, the employees of the police station begin to die – through perfidious trap games, as they were once organized by the long-dead serial killer John Kramer. Is there another Jigsaw successor?


Chris Rock is chasing a new jigsaw

Based on an idea from self-proclaimed super-fan Chris Rock, the 9th Saw film attempts a new approach to the franchise. As a spin-off, the film distances itself from the previous tightly interwoven mythology. Now it’s no longer directly about the legacy of the Jigsaw Killer, but about a completely new trap setter. And he is not very interested in trying to bring people closer to the value of their lives.

Despite the new story, the reboot directed by Saw 2 to 4 director Darren Lynn Bousman has (almost) everything to offer that makes a Saw film. There are numerous macabre traps, gross gore and a grand mystery takes center stage, which is resolved with shocking twists at the end.

It is currently unlikely that this part of the Saw universe will be further explored in the future. Because the next Saw film is again devoted entirely to the original Jigsaw.

After the spiral flop, the horror series is going back to its roots with Saw 10

The attempt to steer the narrative of the Saw series in a new direction failed. The $20 million Spiral played at the box office only $40 million a. Compared to its predecessor Jigsaw, which was able to bring in 102 million dollars, Spiral was hardly the hoped-for success. Thankfully, Spiral didn’t become a franchise killer.

The 10th Saw movie is coming this year and will be a throwback to the strengths of the series. Saw X will bring back puzzle killer John Kramer (Tobin Bell) and his sidekick Amanda (Shawnee Smith). The exciting question: how? Both characters have been dead since Saw III and only returned in flashbacks in subsequent films. According to rumors, Saw X should have a simple solution for this: the film should be arranged chronologically after Saw II and would therefore be a kind of prequel.

Starts in the US Saw X am October 27, 2023 in the cinemas. German horror fans will have to wait a little longer. The film will be released in Germany on November 30, 2023 in the cinema.

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