One of the most beautiful comes back on Steam, PS5, Xbox

Around 2016, many exciting projects in the hero shooter sector emerged. But the success of Overwatch and the subsequent hype surrounding battle royale games like PUBG or Fortnite: Battle Royale meant that many of these games came to an early end. With Gigantic, one of the most beautiful of these titles is now set to return on Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and One.

What kind of situation was that back then?

  • For a while, almost every studio had an online shooter in development that relied on special characters, like Overwatch did with its distinctive heroes. The games were called hero shooters.
  • But none of these games were a huge success when they finally appeared. Many of these games found fans who really liked them, but they were not commercially successful.
  • And so it rained news back then about online shooters that were stylish but died like Battleborn, Paragon, Lawbreaker or the very pretty Gigantic.
  • Announcement trailer for Gigantic: Rampage Edition

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    Gigantic featured huge monsters and fancy heroes

    What was Gigantic again? Gigantic was released in July 2017 for PC and Xbox.

    It had 20 playable heroes: For example “The Margrave”, a Black Knight with a demonic fist, or Charnok, a dragon magician who threw fireballs.

    The central element of the game was that each team had a gigantic “Guardian” that they played around. You could kill enemies or capture key points on the map.

    Why wasn’t the game a success? Gigantic has never managed to get past a “That looks good, I have to play that” or a “What game was that exactly?” status. It was always in the shadow of Overwatch during development and when it came out, the big hype surrounding Fortnite broke out a little later.

    Like Paladins, Gigantic has also been accused of being a clone of Overwatch. Even fairly decent reviews (76% on Metacritic) couldn’t change that.

    Just six months after the release, on January 31, 2018, the developers announced that they were ceasing development of Gigatnic.

    The game is coming back to PC and consoles in April 2024

    This is the announcement now: 6 years after the end, Gigantic is coming back.

    The “Gigantic: Rampage Edition” brings back the original game and two new heroes, two new maps and a faster mode.

    The game won’t be Free2Play, but will cost $20 (probably 20 euros for us), but won’t have any microtransactions. Everything should be free to play.

    The game is scheduled to release on April 9th ​​for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox One. It’s also coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store.

    This is how you register for the Gigantic beta

    A closed beta starts on February 22nd and 23rd – you can register for the beta on Steam here.

    Everything is a bit strange

    That’s what lies behind it: That has a strange aftertaste. Because Gigantic is one of the most unsuccessful games you can remember.

    Gearbox, who are now releasing Gigantic, actually have nothing to do with Gigantic. Their hero shooter that went down was Battle Born.

    The rights to Gigantic were owned by Perfect World.

    But the struggling group “Embracer Group” bought both Gearbox and Perfect World and has now apparently decided that Gearbox will release a new Gigantic.

    It seems as if someone is trying to use force to somehow get something out of a tricky situation.

    The Embracer Group is the group that has badly miscalculated: For years they have been buying up all sorts of video game companies, but a billion dollar deal fell through and now they are closing companies left and right and causing horror reports of lost jobs.

    The most important German gaming studio for role-playing games is probably closing