One of the last really good action films with Bruce Willis, which is also a perfect replacement for Die Hard

One of the last really good action films with Bruce

Action films with Bruce Willis used to be a guarantee of quality almost per se. 16 Blocks brings back pleasant memories of this time and could easily pass for a Die Hard part. The film can also be seen on TV today.

That’s what 16 blocks are about

Bruce Willis slips into his signature role, playing a washed-up cop named Jack Mosley who no one can stand. He’s supposed to bring a witness (Yasiin Bey, formerly: Mos Def) to the court, that’s actually it is only 16 blocks away. He has two hours to do thisbut of course everything turns out completely differently than expected.

This is mainly because the witness is supposed to make a statement that would reflect extremely badly on quite a few police officers. Accordingly, strive for him tons of corrupt cops and hitmen after the live. So it happens that Jack Mosley is his last hope of surviving the whole thing unscathed.

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The real star of the film: Bruce Willis’ mustache in 16 blocks

16 Blocks was one of the last good Bruce Willis action films and works like Die Hard

One turbulent car ride with Bruce Willis, across the city, and then under time pressure, while tons of bad guys are after him: If this sounds familiar to you and reminds you of Die Hard: Now, you are definitely not alone. Okay, instead of Samuel L. Jackson we get Yasiin Bey, but he also does a very good job as an amusing sidekick.

The blockbuster is reminiscent of the star’s heyday in the 2000s. 2006 was probably the last big year of action Bruce Willis with Alpha Dog, 16 Blocks and Lucky # Slevin.

TV or stream: When and where is 16 Blocks coming?

Cable one broadcasts 16 blocks today, Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 8:15 p.m out of. At 1:50 a.m. that same night there is another repeat.

You can also rent or buy the Bruce Willis film online. This works on Amazon Prime, Magenta TV, Apple TV and Google Play.

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