One of the greatest films of all time is suddenly no longer on Disney+ and it’s obvious why

One of the greatest films of all time is suddenly

Since mid-December, Avatar 2 has been breaking record after record at the box office. In the run-up to the launch, Disney and 20th Century Fox had reworked the first part, Avatar – brought it to the cinemas. Even then, we noticed that Avatar had disappeared from the Disney+ streaming platform. The company apparently did not want to miss any incentive to lure fans into the cinemas.

Now history is repeating itself with another James Cameron film: Titanic.

Titanic is coming to cinemas again and is therefore no longer on Disney+

Until recently, the blockbuster about the supposedly unsinkable ship was still available on Disney+. Now if you type “Titanic” in the search bar, you’ll only find a National Geographic documentary and the Titanic – Blood and Steel mini-series. You’ll have to do without Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s heartbreaking love story set against the backdrop of the disaster. At least if you depend on Disney+. (Read here why Titanic is still so good)

The reason is simple and even good news for real Titanic fans: Titanic is coming to the cinemas again. See the trailer for the revised new release here:

Titanic – Trailer 25 Years (German) HD

Launch and beyond: what to expect from the Titanic re-release

  • In a month, on February 10th, Titanic will hit theaters again
  • It is a revised version
  • You can watch the movie in 4K 3D
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    The re-release has a small ironic note: Titanic is currently the 3rd highest grossing film in history. With the renewed cinema run, James Cameron will move closer to the current record holder: his own film Avatar 1. At the same time, Avatar gives room to the next contender for third place: James Cameron’s Avatar 2.

    Would you like to see Titanic again in the cinema?