One of the biggest Netflix hypes of 2023 is coming to free TV with 42 episodes – but there’s a catch

One of the biggest Netflix hypes of 2023 is coming

Who will inherit Lost? In recent years there have always been some fascinating series Secretiveness practiced. The sci-fi mystery drama Manifest received an above-average positive reception. When the series started on the US broadcaster NBC in 2018, it quickly found a loyal fan base.

For three seasons, fans were left wondering from week to week how the story would continue. But then NBC pulled the plug and canceled the series without a proper ending. The savior in time of need: Netflix. Since the first three seasons were extremely popular on the streamer, Netflix brought the series back for a big finale.

After the spectacular Netflix rescue: Manifest is now also providing exciting sci-fi entertainment on Kabel Eins

As DWDL reports, Manifest is now coming to German free TV. Kabel Eins has secured the rights for local broadcasting. It starts in just a few weeks. Manifesto starts on March 2, 2024 at 8:15 p.m. on Kabel Eins. According to DWDL information, the plan is to show four episodes in a row every Saturday.

The big catch: We only get to see the NBC episodes of Manifest. The final Netflix season remains exclusively available on the streaming service for the time being.

Specifically, this means:

  • Cable One shows the first 42 episodes (seasons 1, 2 & 3)
  • Netflix has the remaining 20 episodes (season 4)
  • Netflix


    Manifest was previously shown in Germany on the pay-TV channel ProSieben Fun. However, only the first three seasons could be seen there at the time. It is questionable whether Kabel Eins can negotiate a deal with Netflix to do that too Finale of Manifest as a German free TV premiere to show.

    After five years, Netflix has brought the mysterious story of Flight 828 to an end with an epic finale

    After the series was rescued, Netflix released the finale in two blocks. The first ten episodes appeared on the streaming service’s platform in November 2022. The remaining ten episodes followed in June 2023 and led to the Manifesto hype to a gripping end
    – five years after the series launched on NBC.

    The story of Manifest revolves around the passengers of Flight 828, which departs from Jamaica to New York. However, when it lands, they are five years past. The people on board the plane didn’t notice anything. But they were long ago declared dead by the rest of the world. From now on the guesswork begins as to what really happened.