One of the best horror films is on TV today, but the German version makes an embarrassing mistake at minute 1:32 that changes the entire film

One of the best horror films is on TV today

The legendary horror film The Fog is all about the 100th anniversary of the coastal town of Antonio Bay in California. However, things get complicated when it comes to the date of the anniversary. Apparently too complicated for the German dubbing, which messes up the date after just one and a half minutes of running time. The You can see the incorrect version on TV tonight see.

Legendary horror film on TV today: Pay attention at minute 1:32 when the fisherman mentions the date

The film begins – like every good horror story – at a campfire. On the eve of the anniversary, a bearded fisherman tells young people that 100 years ago a ship fought its way here through the floods, crashed on a reef and the crew drowned. It is the The eve of the anniversary, April 20, 1980.

It’s midnight in five minutes and then start the anniversary day, April 21, 1980. And at this point someone made a miscalculation in the German dubbing and the fisherman grumbles in the German version:

In five minutes it will be April 22nd. Exactly 100 years ago, on April 22nd, a clipper ship fought its way through the raging sea.

As if that were double false mention in the prologue from minute 1:32 Not enough, the mistake runs through the entire horror film. Later, diary entries from April 21st are read out, which according to the German version only took place on April 22nd.

Why this error happened remains unclear for 43 years. Maybe the midnight date change was confusing. Maybe someone was so frightened that the person wanted to skip the dangerous anniversary day when the fog rolls in.

Because as we also find out at the beginning of the horror classic, the ship’s crash was not bad luck, but rather a deliberate deception on the part of the city’s founders. There were lepers on the ship with lots of gold and the city founders wanted the gold, but not the sick people, in order to build a new village – on the night of April 20th (!) to 21st (!).

When will The Fog be on TV and where can I stream it?

The Fog is on today, on September 17, 2023 at 8:15 p.m at Tele 5. As an alternative to the TV broadcast, you can stream both the English and German versions with a subscription from Paramount+ * or buy the stylish Blu-ray of The Fog *.

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