One of the best Ben Affleck movies of the last 10 years, fans have been waiting ages for the sequel

One of the best Ben Affleck movies of the last

Ben Affleck is a complete movie star. He began his career in indie cinema, switched to blockbuster films in the late 1990s and then started directing himself. In the meantime, even a superhero career lies behind him. Between two DC appearances as Batman, Affleck filmed the gritty action thriller The Accountant in 2016. The film has been available on Netflix since Thursday.

In this article we explain why The Accountant is worthwhile and whether the long-awaited sequel is yet to come.

Ben Affleck as an autistic killer: This is what happens in The Accountant

The Accountant means translated the accountant. Affleck plays Michael Wolff, a man on the autism spectrum who uses his math talent to run the accounts for criminal firms. He pairs his precise nature with a Training as a sniper and with martial arts training. After an order, killers (among others Jon Bernthal) are assigned to him and a manhunt through American nobodies begins. Affleck is accompanied by the accountant Dana (Anna Kendrick).

Why The Account is one of the best Ben Affleck films of recent years

The Accountant is Ben Afflecks third best film of the last 10 years. In the last 10 years, only Gone Girl – The Perfect Victim and the Snyder Cut of Justice League have received higher ratings on Moviepilot. No wonder: when released theatrically, The Accountant felt like a warm-up for Ben Affleck’s (discarded) Batman solo film. Affleck uses the emotionless, technical but tough fighting style in Batman v Superman as well. (On Amazon: Super brutal sci-fi action: Harder than Deadpool, almost as funny & much more exciting *)


Ben Affleck in The Accountant

The action film also benefits from its straightforwardness. The Accountant has a clear concept: a motionless Affleck Colossus, who takes down one opponent after another with geometrically measured precision. In between some road trip feeling and socially awkward dialogues between Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick’s character. Unexpected twists were added to this recipe and it really worked. She screamed for a sequel.

Is there a sequel to The Accountant?

Spoilers follow: The Accountant is now seven years old. Sequel plans were announced right after launch. Director Gavin O’Connor last confirmed in autumn 2021 that there should still be a sequel to the action film. “We’re doing a The Accountant sequel. We literally just closed that deal.”

O’Connor was even aiming for one at the time trilogy and had precise ideas. So the character of Jon Bernthal should take up more space: “The third film will be about the two brothers as an odd couple. The third will be a buddy film.” The director already had Ben Affleck’s commitment.

However, it is not known how and whether the plans for The Accountant 2 have progressed since then. Affleck recently stated that he no longer wants to watch superhero films. However, there was no talk of action films. And without Batman commitments, he would have time for The Accountant 2.

On April 6, Ben Affleck’s sports film Air – The Big Throw will start for the first time.

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