One of the best adventure films to watch over and over again was absolute hell for its star

One of the best adventure films to watch over and

Hardly any picture has had as much of an impact on adventure cinema over the last 25 years as a desperate Tom Hanks talking to a volleyball named Wilson on a deserted island. With Cast Away, director Robert Zemeckis has shot one of the most magnificent representatives of the genre, which continues to entertain even after watching it for the umpteenth time.

You can currently stream the adventure film with a subscription on Netflixfor which the main actor also had to go through hell behind the camera.

Adventure highlight on Netflix: That’s what Cast Away is all about

In the film’s plot, Hanks plays a stressed-out analyst at a package company who crashes over the Pacific Ocean. He survives and ends up stranded on a deserted island, where he has to stay alive using only the most creative means possible. The main aids are the washed-up packages that he transported on the plane.

With Tom Hanks’ great performance, Cast Away becomes a rousing one-person film that combines dramatic lows with touching optimism. A real classic of the adventure genre that is always worth watching.


Cast Away – Lost

Tom Hanks endured physical torture for Cast Away lead role

The star himself definitely won’t repeat the preparation for Zemeckis’ film. As Koimoi summarizes, Hanks had to undergo a grueling transformation for his role in the adventure blockbuster. He gained weight, lost weight and then gained weight again in a short period of timewhich was more than dangerous to health due to the short time intervals.

For example, the actor took advantage of a year’s break from filming to lose 23 kilos of body weight, only to have to gain it back within 4 months for the final scenes of Cast Away. According to The Independent, this even gave him type 2 diabetes.

Cast Away is currently streaming on Netflix with a subscription.

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