One of the best adventure films of all time – epic masterpiece inspired Indiana Jones and Avatar

One of the best adventure films of all time

Hardly any other film was as influential on the adventure genre as Lawrence of Arabia by David Lean (The Bridge on the River Kwai). The classic based on TE Lawrence’s autobiographical novel not only inspired Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones series and James Cameron’s blockbuster saga Avatar: A Journey to Pandora. He also influenced author Frank Herbert in the creation of his groundbreaking sci-fi epic Dune, the second film adaptation of which by Denis Villeneuve can currently be admired in cinemas.

One more reason to go to the Arabian desert for the first or repeated time with Peter O’Toole, Alec Guinness and Omar Sharif. The round one 3 hours and 47 minutes The current film is currently available as video on demand to rent or buy on Amazon and is also a big movie on the small screen.

That’s what the classic adventure film Lawrence of Arabia is about

British officer TE Lawrence is stationed in the Arabian Peninsula during World War I to keep an eye on political developments under Prince Faisal (Guinness) and to support the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire.

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Lawrence of Arabia

During his mission, the soldier meets the Bedouin Sherif Ali (Sharif), with whom he sets out to cross the Nefud desert to the Ottoman-occupied port city of Aqaba. This journey will change Lawrence forever and make him a celebrity, not just in his home country.

To this day, Lawrence of Arabia is considered a milestone in film history and continues to be featured in numerous best lists. While the Moviepilot community gives the film a solid 7.3 out of 10, the adventure epic has an incredible score on Rotten Tomatoes 94% positive reviews.

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