One of the best 4K TVs meets the currently most popular games console

One of the best 4K TVs meets the currently most

At MediaMarkt you can now get one of the best OLED TVs Samsung S90C in the top offer *. The 4K television with 65-inch display was recommended by the recommended retail price reduced by over 1,000 euros. Also on offer is the Nintendo Switch with OLED display for free included, which normally costs 319 euros.

Premium OLED TV – This is what the Samsung S90C TV can do

The Samsung S90C, which was only released last year, matches the MediaMarkt offering lots of gaming features ready. Among other things, a gaming quick menu with which you can adjust image settings, adjust the colors of the games or call up a minimap zoom that enlarges part of the screen.

The input delay when gaming is less than 10 milliseconds. And with them four HDMI 2.1 inputs in 4K@120Hz you can also connect more than just one game console. The sound is also convincing good soundeven if you always have to make a few compromises with televisions with a flat design.


Samsund S90C

Instead of Dolby Vision, Samsung is relying on it as always HDR10+. The QD-OLED display is particularly impressive with its high peak brightness, which is retained even in long, dark scenes. Brilliant colors, deep black and good anti-reflective coating make home cinema evenings and gaming sessions really fun.

Free: Nintendo Switch with OLED display

According to Statista, the Nintendo Switch is one of the best-selling consoles worldwide and is available in different versions. In the bundle with the Samsung TV you will receive the Switch in white razor-sharp 7-inch OLED display. In contrast to the normal Switch, this has more movement sharpness, higher contrasts and richer colors. The integrated memory is also twice as large at 64 GB as in the conventional model. If you want to stock up on games directly, you can currently get them from MediaMarkt 20 percent discount on all games *.

The bundle is already suggested to you on the MediaMarkt website. So put both items in your shopping cart and the price for the Nintendo Switch will be deducted at checkout. The offer applies until April 8th at 8:59 a.mwhile stocks last.

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