One of Diablo 4’s biggest secrets was already hidden in the beta – fans think they’ve revealed it

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Diablo 4’s two beta weekends are over, but fans of the action RPG don’t want to wait and see the release. Instead, they invest their time and unravel one of the biggest mysteries that the game offers us.

What secret is it? The mystery that has plagued some Diablo fans even after the beta weekends have ended is the “Blood Wolf”, a mysterious figure from the Diablo 4 intro.

Spoiler alert: In the following paragraphs, we’ll talk about the Bloody Wolf encounter in the Diablo 4 intro and fan theories as to what the wolf is all about. If you haven’t played the intro yet, or consider Diablo 4 fan theories to be spoilers, stop reading here.

The first encounter with the Bloody Wolf: The Bloody Wolf meets you in your first few minutes of Diablo 4. After a long journey, night falls on your character. You explore a stone statue on the side of the road with your torch when suddenly your horse gets restless and runs away.

Shortly thereafter, you’ll hear a whinny, followed by the sounds of a beast feasting on your horse. Your character follows the strange sounds curiously before the silhouette of a wolf scurries past behind your back and your flame goes out.

The next day, your character wanders off without a horse and ends up in a snowstorm. He fights his way to a cave where he sinks down and falls asleep. Shortly thereafter, you meet the Bloody Wolf again – this time not only as a silhouette and we see his bony face.

If you want to see the Diablo 4 intro again or haven’t seen it yet, we include the first few minutes of the game for you here:

Diablo 4: This is what the first few minutes of the game look like

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Fans will find clues that point to a well-known boss

What have fans found out? There are a number of threads on social media dealing with the mysterious Bloody Wolf. Fans are left wondering what the beast is and who it could be (via Reddit).

For example, Reddit user Fiveinthestinkk took a closer look at the runes that adorn the wolf’s bony forehead.

In a book on the lore of Diablo (Book of Adria: A Diablo Bestiary) he found runes similar to those of the wolf and refer to Mephisto. Mephisto is a Diablo 2 boss known as “the lord of hatred”. On top of that, he is Lilith’s father.

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Reddit user Fiveinthestinkk shares his theory on the Bloody Wolf

The Bloody Wolf appears to play an important role in Diablo 4’s storyline. He not only meets us in the intro, but also appears at a later point in the game.

Additionally, players who reached level 20 on at least one character in the Diablo 4 beta will receive a wolf cub to carry on their back.

Anyone who joins the Diablo 4 beta will receive an incredibly sweet gift