“One Health” diet: 9 tips for adopting it

One Health diet 9 tips for adopting it

The One Healh diet is a diet that respects the health of the environment and our health. It comes from the One Heath concept, one health. Discover the important points of this diet.

The concept “One World, one Health”, “One World, One Health” is a concept which integrates the relationships existing between animal health, human health and the environment. It can be translated as “one health for the Earth, animals and men”.

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“The One Healh concept consists of preserving health by preserving the environment. It is a way of living and the way of nourishing ourselves is part of it”, explains Anne Dufour, journalist specializing in nutrition, author of numerous best-sellers on health and fitness published by Leduc.s. *

The FAO, OIE or World Organization for Animal Health, WHO, UNICEF and the World Bank have joined forces at the instigation of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to implement preventive health measures that meet the objectives of the “One Health” concept.

“The One Health regime is a practical and concrete translation of the main lines launched by the WHO. We finally know what to do at our level to use the planet’s resources differently”, informs Anne Dufour. A good way to get out of eco-anxiety if you suffer from it. Each on our own scale by changing our food consumption habits, among other things, we can help the planet. Every little step counts. Discover the main points of the One Healh diet and … it’s up to you!

* Author with Carole Garnier of One Health diet, publication January 12, 2021 by Editions Leduc.s

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I eat in season
Why is it One Health to eat in season? Because it has a beneficial impact on health and the environment. “Growing fruits and vegetables out of season has a phenomenal energy cost and seasonal fruits and vegetables contain more vitamins and minerals”, informs Anne Dufour, citing the example of greenhouses for tomatoes in winter. Eating in season should also include meats, fish, cheeses. “If you eat fish while it is their breeding season you are hampering the survival of the species. In addition, the season also has an impact on the content of the fish. omega-3 from fish. Eating seasonal fish does not disturb fishing stocks and assures you a good intake of omega-3 “. Anne Dufour specifies that it is advisable to eat seasonal near where we live, because the concept of season varies slightly depending on the region. French.