One class was way too strong for the release of Destiny 2

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

A new big DLC ​​is approaching soon in Destiny 2 and with it come new changes and innovations. However, to get this far, the loot shooter had to endure a lot. This included overpowered classes and broken exos. We show you how a hunter denied his day for the release.

What was different back then when it was released? For the release of Destiny 2, the loot shooter had many innovations that its predecessor did not have:

  • Better movement
  • A better graphic
  • Custom HUD
  • Easier yield from Exos
  • strong classes
  • While newcomers were getting a taste of Destiny 2, experienced Wardens went about their business as usual, started looting and tried to create powerful builds again. The interesting thing was that it didn’t need complicated mod compilations to be powerful.

    Some of the best exo weapons and armor just needed to be equipped and used to have an unfair build. It even went so far that the hunter was the top choice for almost every activity at the time.

    Hunters destroyed everything with just one accurate shot

    What made the hunter so strong back then? The Hunter functioned essentially the same as it did in Destiny 1, except that its arc blade was swapped out for a staff. Back then, however, if you used the gunslinger with its lower skill tree and the “Celestial Nighthawk” exo helmet, every boss bit the dust with just one ultimate shot. Here’s another taste of his strength:

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    Most importantly, while looking at Destiny 2 in its current state, the way classes and talents work has become richer. Exos scale with talents, which in turn scale with mods, which in turn can scale with exo weapons. Back then, however, just a Gjallarhorn or Celestial Nighthawk was enough and the boss was crushed to dust.

    Was that the only broken class? While the hunter was considered the boss killer, the warlock was the best ad-clearer in the entire solar system. Once equipped with the Helm of the Dreadful Ahamkara, the flying scholars could conjure Nova Bombs like candy out of their sleeves.

    Basically, enemies didn’t stand a chance as the helm would fully charge the ult even on a smaller defeated enemy force.

    After countless nerfs, however, all these exos are only a shadow of themselves and remind the keepers in their collections of the times when there were still loot shooters. So not only were there bugs everywhere, content aridities or a lack of communication between fans and developers, but also funny and above all cool memories that are now remembered again.

    How did you find the time of the mighty hunters in Destiny 2? Did you also wander around with the nighthawk and blew everything down with one shot? Please leave us a comment!

    However, if you are still looking for the right build, here is a tip for hunters:

    In Destiny 2, a machine gun is the new star in PvE – “To say the least: overwhelming”