one and only debate between the three candidates for the presidency of the Republicans

one and only debate between the three candidates for the

In politics, the one and only debate of the internal campaign for the presidency of the Republicans took place Monday evening on LCI. The three candidates, Bruno Retailleau, Aurélien Pradié and Éric Ciotti, were playing big less than two weeks before the first round of the ballot.

The hour and a half of debate which may allow the 91,000 Les Républicains (LR) members called to vote to make their choice. Very cordial exchanges between these three suitors who played together. But two men very clearly displayed their differences, the two challengers of the ballot: Aurélien Pradié and Bruno Retailleau.

Not the ” luxury » to be divided

The smiles are strained, the atmosphere is icy on the set. But from the first seconds of the debate, Bruno Retailleau warns: “ Eric or Aurélien, they are not adversaries for me, they are competitors. Our political family is too weakened to afford the luxury of being divided. “.

Often criticized by his opponents for his divisive positions, Eric Ciotti poses as a unifier: In the concern for gathering that characterizes me, I will try to make the synthesis between Bruno and Aurélien. » (laughs)

Because very quickly Aurelien Pradie throws his first spikes. In his viewfinder, Bruno Retailleau, accused of pacting with Emmanuel Macron on the issue of pensions and fuel prices: “ I want a general measure. This is a point of disagreement that I have with Bruno “. Bruno Retailleau replies: “ How do you tell the difference between a big rider, the workers and those who ride a lot? »

Disagreement on abortion

Then comes the question of abortion in the Constitution. Bruno Retailleau is against. Aurélien Pradié for: “ The right in which we believe is a right of conquest of rights. Anything that will allow tomorrow to ensure that women are better protected in their rights, I say yes. »

Bruno Retailleau cashes in, but Éric Ciotti gives it a layer: “JI believe that the right cannot be a guard, it must also be in tune with society. »

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