“Once you see the director’s cut…”

With Rebel Moon 2: The Scar Maker, Netflix has now brought the sequel to the sci-fi epic. He also had to face harsh criticism. Director Zack Snyder promises once again that the director’s cut would change and clean up everything.

What criticism was there?

  • Rebel Moon is basically a recycled version of “The Seven Samurai” or “The Magnificent Seven”, which is not at all reprehensible or criticized.
  • One of the criticisms is that this story is stretched over four hours without being particularly entertaining.
  • A long-announced battle was supposed to take place in the second part, but the first hour of the film consists more or less just of “boring” standstill.
  • The way in which the heroes’ traumatic stories are simply summarized quickly is also criticized. This prevents you from even building a bond with them.
  • Viewers say: It lacks unique twists and original ideas.
  • The second film only received 52% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and it landed way down in the red on Meta Critic.
  • Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scar Maker | Official trailer

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    What does Snyder have to say now? Now that the second part has performed even worse in places than its predecessor, the question naturally arises as to what should happen next with the sci-fi films.

    However, director Zack Snyder doesn’t seem to have written them off yet and remains optimistic, as he did after the first flop. More specifically, he continues to stick to his claim: The Director’s Cut will change a lot and be much better than the original films.

    In an interview with journalist Josh Horowitz, he claims that the two films are not the “final version” of his work on Rebel Moon. Instead, you have to wait for his director’s cut to find out the true story he wants to tell with the films. He announced this after the first part and promised back then that this version would change everything.

    The director’s cut is intended to clear everything up for viewers

    “Once you see the director’s cut, you’ll experience true catharsis,” promised Snyder in his interview when the journalist talked about the failure of the two films. He says that the director’s cut will sort of clean up the experience of the two films for the audience.

    When will the Director’s Cut be released? Zack Snyder’s version is scheduled to be released in summer 2024 and will then have a running time of around six hours. Among other things, this version should contain more violence and sex and, according to Snyder, be completely different than Rebel Moon 1 and 2.

    How much he can deliver on what he promises and whether a director’s cut can really save this story will probably only become clear in the summer.

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