On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of L’Express, enter its archive library

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of LExpress enter

In this series of podcasts, Xavier Yvon and Anne Marion, documentalist at L’Express, take you on a discovery of 70 years of journalism and history(s), which still inspire the magazine today…

Discover the prologue of this anniversary series: The Express and its library.


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The team: Xavier Yvon (presentation and writing), Mathias Penguilly (writing), Charlotte Baris (editing), Jules Krot (directing) and Marion Galard (work-study).

Music and dressing: Emmanuel Herschon / Studio Torrent

Picture credits: Jérémie Cambour / L’Express

Logo: Anne-Laure Chapelain / Benjamin Chazal

How to listen to a podcast? Follow the leader.

Xavier Yvon: I am going through the editorial staff of L’Express to go to a somewhat special place that I would like you to discover… Here, I see very studious colleagues, absorbed in writing their article. I walk past the headlines of the newspaper, posted on the walls. There have been many: this year, L’Express is celebrating its 70th anniversary. I wanted to come here to prepare a podcast series that retraces this very rich history.

Anne-Marion : Are you ready, Xavier?

Xavier Yvon : We have with us someone who knows the magazine better than anyone. I present to you Anne Marion, who has been a documentalist here for more than 20 years.

Anne-Marion : Hello everyone ! I am delighted to be with you. Come in, Xavier.

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