On the front page: all united for constitutionalized abortion!

On the front page all united for constitutionalized abortion

The inclusion of the right to abortion in the Constitution was widely approved yesterday Thursday by the National Assembly. A consensus that gave rise to unusual and surprising rapprochements. This inclusion of abortion, voluntary termination of pregnancy, in the Constitution was initially proposed by the left-wing party La France insoumise. It was approved by the Macronist deputies, but also by 38 of the 89 deputies of the National Rally.

As the newspaper notes Le Figarothe Macronists, “ this time “, found nothing wrong with Marine Le Pen and 38 deputies ” whom they describe as far-right (have) contributed to this large majority “. Especially since no deputy of the centrist Modem party, led by François Bayrou, ” the latest avatar of christian democracy “, did not oppose this text, also notes this daily. Who sees there an additional sign of the almost definitive secularization of French politicians “.

Exactly. “What urgency” was there to include abortion in the Constitution, is indignant The cross. ” Do we really need a constitutional revision to guarantee a right that is in no way threatened in France? “, asks the Catholic daily. ” On abortion, it is easy to have side effects, knowing that in France there is a broad consensus to preserve this right. In contrast, objects La Croix, we are waiting in vain for a political agreement on measures on purchasing power, energy supply difficulties, the health system or ecological transition. So many urgent questions, which are leaving part of our population on the side of the road… “.

The Bennacer Affair

Women who speak out against violence against women… The actor Sofiane Bennacer is indicted for “ rape and violence on several former companions. After having surveyed around thirty people close to this affair which is shaking up French cinema, the daily Releasein the headlines », denounces « The “Almond Trees” Scandal from the name of the theater near Paris which is the subject of a film, currently showing in France, by director Valéria Bruni-Tedeschi. After having published the stories of two new women who question the leading role of this film Sofiane Bennacer for “sexual and physical violence », Freed tells the backstage of a “ filming under omerta “. And while highlighting the presumption of innocence » of the actor incriminated by this legal action against him, Releasewhich had in the past published resounding testimonies of women in “ the PPDA case “(named after the former television presenter Patrick Poivre d’Arvor), ensures this morning that these new testimonies implicating Sofiane Bennacer and the direction of the filming of the film” “The Amandiers” are too serious to be swept away by a “move on, there’s nothing to see” “.

Accounts and misaccounts of Macron

Justice again, with these two investigations opened on Emmanuel Macron’s 2017 and 2022 election campaigns and on the alleged role played by consulting firms during these campaigns, but also on possible illegal financing. The National Financial Prosecutor’s Office has opened a judicial investigation into the Head of State’s 2017 and 2022 campaign accounts. Justice is looking into the conditions of intervention of consulting firms. ” This is undoubtedly the most sensitive judicial investigation of the moment “, highlighted The Parisian.

Europe, a migratory strainer

Extraordinary meeting of European interior ministers to discuss immigration. In this area, the French are turning their backs and demanding more firmness. According to an Odoxa survey for Le Figaro72% of French people think that there is too many immigrants in France (this is nine points more than four years ago). And if 30% of them believe that we must continue to welcome refugees, ” they are more and more in the minority “, underlines this daily. Seven out of ten French people have a bad opinion of the action taken by France in the area of ​​migration. 53% of French people believe that the choice ofwelcome the ship “Ocean Viking” in Toulon was ” a mistake », compared to 46% who think the opposite.

As remarked Le FigaroAbove all, the EU values ​​its area of ​​free movement, a precious advantage for its citizens, but it does not provide the means for it. Migratory pressure is pushing states to retreat to their borders. Instead of joining forces, sieve Europe only multiplies its impotence “.