On Sunday, the most successful German sci-fi film will be shown on TV

On Sunday the most successful German sci fi film will be

After Michael Herbig with The Shoe of Manitu the most successful German film after reunification to the cinemas, a sequel would have been an obvious choice. Instead, the decision was made to turn another sketch from the Bullyparade into a feature film. A clever move, because the Star Trek and Star Wars parody Traumschiff Surprise – Periode 1 landed in second place on the list of the most successful German films. The sci-fi comedy will be shown on TV on Sunday.

Sci-Fi comedy on TV: This is what Bully’s space comedy Traumschiff Surprise is about

250 years after humanity colonized Mars, its existence is threatened by the evil Regulator. All Hope rests on the crew of the (T)Spaceship SurpriseBut Captain Kork (Christian Tramitz), Mr. Spuck (Herbig) and Chief Engineer Schrotty (Rick Kavanian) have little desire for the mission, after all they are in the middle of the preparations for the Miss Waikiki pageant. They reluctantly embark on a journey through time to reverse the colonization of Mars.


(T)Spaceship Surprise

Traumschiff Surprise revives German sci-fi cinema

When German films really take off in this country, they are usually comedies or historical dramas. With Traumschiff Surprise, Herbig also managed to successfully place the sci-fi genre in cinemas. With numerous references to classics such as Star Trek, Star Wars, ET, Total Recall and Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, Herbig revived a in German cinema as good as deadeffects-driven genre.

Despite its huge success, as with Der Schuh des Manitu, Traumschiff Surprise was not continued. Instead, Bullyparade – The Movie was released in 2017. Farewell to the successful trioNext year we can present The Canoe of Manitu, a surprising sequel to the Winnetou parody And who knows, maybe Dream Ship Surprise – Period 2 will follow.

When will the sci-fi comedy Dream Ship Surprise – Period 1 be on TV?

At the Sunday, June 9th at 20:15 Dream Ship Surprise is sailing Sat 1The channel will show a repeat almost a week later on June 15th at 10:30 p.m.