on immigration, the right attempts the Shared Initiative Referendum

Immigration law the aspect on regularization sacrificed in the Senate

In France, after the censorship of more than a third of the immigration law by the Constitutional Council last month, the Les Républicains party announced on Monday February 12 its intention to submit several measures rejected by the Sages to a Shared Initiative Referendum (RIP).

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The procedure is long, perilous and has never been successful. But the right is indeed determined to surf on the theme of immigration, just two days later the announcement of the end of land rights in Mayotte. “ It is now a matter of giving voice to the French people so that they can decide directly by referendum “, affirm the Republicans in the explanatory memorandum of this proposed law which paves the way for this Shared Initiative Referendum, considering that the subject of immigration ” was confiscated from the French by the judges and the government “.

But first of all, the party needs to regain control of its favorite theme four months from the Europeans. “ A survival reflex », Even a parliamentary advisor tells us. Because the censorship of the Immigration law by the Constitutional Council made a move to the right.

This time, the LR made sure not to be rebutted by the Sages by focusing their referendum proposal on the social aspect of immigration. Abandonment of State Medical Aid and conditioning of the payment of social benefits… But to succeed, the project must first bring together 185 parliamentarians, then pass the demanding filter of the Constitutional Council within a month. Then, in nine months he will have to obtain the support of 10% of the electorate, or nearly 5 million people, before the French can finally decide. With 133 senators and 62 deputies, almost all of whom voted for the text on immigration in December, LR should be able to overcome the first obstacle of the 185 parliamentarians needed.

An almost impossible mission “, recognizes someone close to Bruno Retailleau, but “ in the meantime the Europeans will have passed and we will have succeeded where Reconquest failed “. In November, Eric Zemmour’s party also tried to initiate a referendum procedure on immigration. In vain, due to lack of signatures from enough parliamentarians.

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