Olympic alarm in France! Help was requested from 46 countries

It will take place on April 8 Warning from scientists

After the Macron administration in France increased the security measures in the country to the highest level following the terrorist attack in Moscow, it also took action for the security of the Olympic Games to be held 4 months later. The French Ministry of Defense announced that many countries will send troops to assist with security during the Paris Olympic Games. The Ministry also underlined that this initiative is a frequently used method in terms of “civil international cooperation”. 35 out of 46 countries have already responded positively, including France’s EU countries, the USA, Australia, South Korea, South Africa and India.

Coalition forces formed by foreign countries will be accompanied by police dogs that can detect more than 500 explosives for the safety of those in train stations, airports, hotels or fan areas. Mounted patrol police, anti-drone or mine experts will also take part in foreign teams. According to French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu, 18 thousand French soldiers, including 3 thousand airmen responsible for air surveillance, will be mobilized for the Olympics. Approximately 2,185 foreign police officers and gendarmerie reinforcements from 46 countries are expected to work with French forces during the games.