Olivia Lindegren’s winning interview came to an unexpected end

Olivia Lindegrens winning interview came to an unexpected end

This text is a column with opinions that are the writer’s own and not Nyheter24’s.

Olivia Lindegren won Robinson 2024. And damn what she fought to the end.

What you take with you after a season like this is that many “messy”, whiny, smart, funny characters take up a lot of space and often become so-called “viewer favourites”. Over the course of the season, Olivia has been… a bit of everything, you could say? She has had one foot in most things.

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But now you are going to hear something.

As a journalist, I have interviewed many winners who took home baluns in all our popular programs. And yes what can I say… people DO NOT HATE being famous. Many apply themselves for interviews, get angry when you don’t want to divulge the material they give you, and hang up the phone because the taste of celebrity is better than the profit itself.

When I contacted Olivia, she was almost a little uninterested in commenting on her win (in a very polite and professional way, though).

She forgot to answer. Wrote a bit of hype, but felt that the whole thing was “not such a big deal”.

I know it’s a big deal for her but what I realized is that she doesn’t want to throw herself into the celebrity landscape but for her the damn win was the important thing here.

At the end of the interview I asked the same question that all journalists do:

“What are you going to do with the money?”

– I’m going to… I think I’m going to buy a car. Yes, but a car will do.

I don’t even know why but in a world where influencer and famous profile is more attractive than anything else it felt refreshing to have such a beautiful and strong chick who seriously felt COMPLETELY uninterested in getting 100 interviews tasted good.

She simply just wanted to beat Robinson.