Olidata, completed acquisitions of I.Con and I.Con Real Estate

Olidata completed acquisitions of ICon and ICon Real Estate

(Finance) – The two contracts completing the acquisition of I.Con and I.Con Real Estate were signed today, making them become part of the Group to all intents and purposes Oiledthrough its subsidiary Sferanet Srl, System Integrator specialized in ICT.

The maneuver – explains a note – was carried out entirely with its own financial resources.

The contribution of I.Con will make it possible to develop projects and system integration solutions also in areas such as the digitalisation/dematerialisation of contents and processes, succeeding in guaranteeing greater technological autonomy for Italy, further ensuring the security of digital infrastructures.

L’objective is to establish a pole of excellence on the ICT market (national and international), pooling complementary areas of expertise, resources, experience, markets and geographies.

Furthermore, the consolidation of skills in the sector will allow the group to acquire important know-how in the implementation of innovative projects in the fields of Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management and e-Payment testing & certification, working with the main producers of international technologies in enterprise scope.

Furthermore, the acquisition of the company I.Con Real Estate Srl, a real estate company, configures an increase in assets as a result of instrumental real estate assets.

“I am proud to announce the completion of the acquisition of these two new companies that now become part of our family. This first milestone is part of the strategic plan that the company has drawn up and which he will continue to trace day after day, but above all it represents consistency with what has been declared for the maintenance of the objectives set. Today we have taken another step towards our future,” he says Cristiano Rufini, President of the Olidata Group.

Claudia Quadrino, Chief Executive Officer of Sferaneta subsidiary of Olidata, commented as follows: “Today’s acquisition is one cornerstone of our growth planas it accelerates our presence in the market by giving us the possibility to satisfy the needs of our customers”.