Oil has leaked – harbor water colored orange

Oil has leaked harbor water colored orange



full screen A spill of soy oil has affected Karlshamn. Archive image. Photo: Magnus Lejhall/TT

A large amount of vegetable oil has leaked into the harbor in Karlshamn. The water has been colored completely orange, local media write.

– It’s about a larger release that looks like rosehip soup, says the rescue service’s management operator to BLT.

Both the emergency services and the police are on site to assist in the cleanup. Personnel from the adjacent company AAK, which manufactures vegetable oils, are also on site. Site manager Niklas Walderton confirms to Sydöstran that it is a release from the factory.

– It is soy oil that has leaked. It settles on the surface and right now we are working hard to box it in so that it does not spread further.