Official statement for the new BMW 5 Series Türkiye sales

Official statement for the new BMW 5 Series Turkiye sales

Borusan Otomotiv announced the sales calendar for the new BMW 5 Series, which was recently introduced globally.

It is still very fresh to meet the BMW 5 Series, which has entered its eighth generation with the G60 body code. The product range, which was announced globally during the week, is also very important. The new 5 Series, which will contain the richest engine selection range ever, will also bring the pure electric version to the family for the first time. In the face of this process, we will now be seeing the last pure internal combustion versions on the roads. With its introduction, the expected sales announcement from Borusan Otomotiv for the model range, which is still on the agenda, came. In this context, the product range, which was announced to be available for pre-order with its first samples in the third quarter of the year, is expected to arrive at authorized dealers in the last quarter of 2023.

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BMW 5 Series; Highlights about the new generation

BMW’s official channels did not neglect to share the priorities regarding the versions to be offered in the Turkish market. In this context, the most preferred diesel engine option of the family comes first. The new BMW 520d xDrive with a diesel engine with a mild hybrid feature will take its place in Borusan Otomotiv Authorized Dealers in Turkey simultaneously with the all-electric model of the New BMW 5 Series, the i5. The 520i with a 1.6 liter petrol engine will be available in 2024. The four-cylinder 2-liter diesel unit used in the pioneering version 520d xDrive, whose sales will begin, is waiting for users with 197 horsepower and 400 Nm torque. In addition to the internal combustion diesel engine, the electric unit, which supports the mild hybrid feature, has 11 horsepower and 25 Nm torque. You can find detailed specifications about the eighth generation 5 Series in our news.