“Of course,” answered the Ukrainian governor when asked if Russia had now expanded its attack – cats were also evacuated from the small village

Of course answered the Ukrainian governor when asked if Russia

The governors of eastern Ukraine warn that the Russian offensive in the Donetsk region has already begun.

10.2. 11:35•Updated 10.2. 11:55

Governor of Donetsk region Pavlo Krylenko didn’t hesitate when asked if the Russian offensive had already begun.

– Yes, without a doubt, answered Krylenko on Ukrainian television.

According to the Reuters news agency, the governor specified that Russia is concentrating more soldiers and equipment in the area every day.

Governor of Luhansk Serhi Haidai said on the broadcast of the Ukrainian NV radio that Russia’s artillery concentrations have strengthened in recent times. According to Reuters, Haidai considered this to be part of a major attack planned by Russia.

However, Haidai added that the Russian attack on Kreminna has not progressed much.

Evacuation orders are distributed in the villages of eastern Ukraine

For the people still holding on in the villages of eastern Ukraine, the threat of the war’s expansion is real.

The local police brought by Roman Kanishchev for a family with five children, Ukraine’s call to evacuate.

The evacuation of civilians is handled by the volunteers of the “Save Ukraine” organization. The family’s grandmother, who uses a wheelchair, was taken along in the minibus. On its rear window was taped the text “DITI” – which means there are children on board.

The family’s path initially led to the evacuation center in Pokrovski, where food was available.

The family had to leave for the second time

There the mother of the family Alina Kanisheva said in an interview with Reuters that moving back and forth with the children is already taking its toll.

– I’ve had enough, he snapped.

The family had only recently returned to their home village of Jampil, when Ukraine had regained the territories occupied by Russia in Vime September with its counterattack.

Now the extended family must once again flee to western Ukraine, to safety from the intensification of the war and the predicted large-scale invasion of Russia.

Source: Reuters