October the cheapest electricity month in the south

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— We receive liquefied natural gas from tankers in European ports. Those deliveries have increased a lot after Russia stopped its gas deliveries, says Hampus Elmfors, price and product manager at Eon, to SVT.

The moving average price for electricity area 4 (southern Götaland) was 81 öre per kilowatt hour in October, to be compared with 242 öre in September and 305 öre in August, according to figures from the electricity exchange Nord Pool.

The mild weather has meant that electricity consumption to heat houses has decreased. Very windy, that exports to Denmark have decreased due to cable maintenance and that industries have introduced electricity saving measures are other factors that have lowered the price, according to Eon.

Hampus Elmfors tells SVT that it is difficult to know how high electricity prices will be during the winter.

— But we can probably count on equally high or even higher prices than last winter.

In electricity areas 1 and 2 (Norrland), the average price was just over 50 öre in October, to be compared with the annual low in March of around 23 öre. In electricity area 3 (Svealand and northern Götaland), the October price ended up at just over 80 öre, against the annual low in February of 77 öre.