Nyans takes a seat in Landskrona’s municipal council

Nyans takes a seat in Landskronas municipal council

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full screen In the parliamentary election, Nyans received 28,352 votes, corresponding to 0.44 percent. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

The newly formed party Nyans, which focuses on minority issues, takes a mandate in Landskrona’s municipal council.

When only the collection district with foreign votes and late early votes remains to be counted in Landskrona, it is clear that Nyans has 2.44 percent or 648 votes in the 26 districts that have already been counted. The threshold for the municipality is 2 percent, or around 544 votes.

– As there are only 615 votes left to actually be counted, they will not fall below the 2 percent threshold, says Tage Olsin, chairman of the election committee in Landskrona.

According to Tage Olsin, the result is enough for one mandate for Nyans in the municipal council, but not for two, although the party can get another 32 votes in the last district. The district of Norrestad stands out in the calculation – there the party received just over 20 percent of the votes.

At the top of the party’s local ballot papers in Landskrona is Sead Busuladzic. Busuladzic has previously told TT that he wants to locally try to get some kind of municipal integration project going so that Landskrona residents can meet. Overall, Nyans wants to invest in schools and ban Koran burnings and caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

The municipal council in Landskrona consists of 51 members. The municipality is traditionally one of the Liberals’ strongest strongholds, but the party loses one mandate to Nyans and gains 20 mandates.

Even in Malmö, Nyans is going strong. When 210 out of 212 electoral districts are counted for the municipal council at lunchtime on Wednesday, the party has 2.9 percent of the vote. However, the ban there is 3 percent.


The Nuance party

In the 2022 election, the newly formed party Nyans has aimed to reach the municipal councils in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg, as well as the Riksdag.

The party is led by Mikail Yüksel, who before the 2018 election was expelled from the Center Party for colluding with the Turkish far-right organization Gray Wolves. At the time, Yüksel was local C’s top candidate on the parliamentary list in Gothenburg.

The newspapers HD and Sydsvenskan have shown in an investigation that five of Nyan’s 25 candidates who are registered in Skåne have repeatedly spread hate propaganda against both Jews and Shia Muslims as well as conspiracy theories about both covid-19 and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

According to the newspaper, one of them has spread a post with the call: “May you spend 100 years fighting jihad and crushing the heads of the Jews”.

Another has spread propaganda in which a terrorist-labeled organization glorifies suicide bombers. A third candidate has called Shia Muslims “pigs”.

Party leader Mikail Yüksel has apologized for the incident in a Facebook post. Three candidates have been excluded.

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