Nvidia Announces New In-Car System – Autonomous Vehicles

Nvidia Announces New In Car System Autonomous Vehicles

At Nvidia’s GTC show today, the company said, in-vehicle computing in their efforts, you can use your vehicle with a range of AI-powered display and instrument panel announced two new systems, including a new product that can

The first announcement includes a new in-car infotainment system with graphics and visuals for drivers, as well as streaming games and movies for passengers. Drive Concierge Nvidia says it will make driving “more enjoyable, comfortable and safe”.

One of the more interesting-looking features will bring much more detail and information to the driver’s cockpit. Only you will be able to view standard metrics such as speed, fuel range and distance traveledAt the same time, Nvidia adds that Drive Concierge is integrated with the Driver Driver system for self-driving vehicles, which will give drivers a more detailed view of the car. Also, when Drive Concierge features are enabled, their attentiondrivers to make sure they are on the road can watch.

Drive Concierge for passengers, games and movies on any in-car screen can publish. It gives users a choice of apps to stream titles, and also connects with Nvidia’s GeForce Now game streaming platform.

This isn’t the first move Nvidia has made in the auto world. The company has announced that the Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine’s developers can make reservations, access vehicle controls, and make recommendations. to create AI assistants pointed out that the opportunity This comes across as something that supports the features offered by Drive Concierge.

New Autonomous Vehicle Computer

Nvidia’s second announcement, which may interest vehicle owners, is what the company describes as “the next generation central computer for safe and secure autonomous vehicles”. Drive Thor is called.

Drive Thor covers a wide variety of tasks, including automated and assisted driving and parking. Moreover, in-vehicle infotainment systems and driver and passenger monitoring at Drive Concierge It seems to power features similar to those found.


Nvidia explains that Drive Thor is a centralized system on a chip. This means that automakers do not need to place multiple control units throughout the car to operate the various features. autonomous and driver-assisted systems can work more efficiently means.

Nvidia claims there are other ways Drive Thor can outperform previous iterations. A new technology that improves deep neural network performance by up to nine times. An inference transformer with a Tensor Core component engine is included. This results in better AI output.