Nuclear, Gava: “135 million invested in the Mission Innovation program”

Nuclear Gava 135 million invested in the Mission Innovation program

(Finance) – “The Government also wants to include nuclear power in the energy mix. We are arriving from a critical phase where we found ourselves dependent almost exclusively on one source and one supplier. It is therefore essential to start a new phase and nuclear represents a clean source that is able to give security to the country in terms of energy and environmental supply. The Government, therefore, has invested funds and opened discussions with stakeholders, professionals and businesses to accompany this transition phase. We need to create culture and believe in our industry and in the potential of our country”. This is what he stated Vannia Gava, Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Security, on the occasion of the event “Nuclear in Italy in the energy transition: sustainability and independence” organized by the UGL Chimici in the Senate.

He said that if we don’t start today, Italy will fall behind other countries that invest and move forward. What is the government’s commitment on the nuclear front?

“Yes, absolutely, we must run and above all we must create a system with the stakeholders, with all the trade associations, with those who are already working and are also involved abroad. As a Ministry we have set up a sustainable nuclear energy table with stakeholders and companies within And above all we have put 135 million into the Mission Innovation program precisely to be able to develop and research this technology. A technology that absolutely must be studied but above all it must be carried forward.”