Nubia Red Magic 7 Images Revealed!

Nubia Red Magic 7 Images Revealed

Nubia, which wants to enter with an ambitious game phone in 2022, has revealed some images of the new pupil of the Red Magic 7 model.

Which will come as a flagship by the game Nubia Red Magic 7, TENAA was announced recently. Today, images of Red Magic 7 appeared by TENAA. Nubia, which has improved itself in design in general, will maintain its vertical camera feature as in its previous models. The most striking design feature was that the air ducts were moved from the side to the back of the device.

The front camera is placed on the upper left side of the screen. Although it resembles the previous model very much, a frame is mounted on it. No notches or holes are visible. A staple in the Red Magic series, the game mode slider is still on the left, above the volume rocker, while the power key is on the right.

Changing the location of the air outlets seems to add many positive effects. In addition, with the new positioning, the design has become visibly more stylish.

Red Magic 6S Pro Proving that it will be a much more powerful smart game phone compared to Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 will take its place on the shelves.

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