Now the Transformers maker is supposed to save the failed Masters of the Universe film adaptation for Amazon

Now the Transformers maker is supposed to save the failed

By the power of Grayskull! Fans of the Masters of the Universe and the fantasy hero He-Man had already given up hope that a new live-action film adaptation would ever come. After the reboot failed mercilessly at Netflix, Amazon and a Transformers director are now coming to the rescue.

Impossible fantasy blockbuster: Hollywood has been failing at Masters of the Universe for years

Since its founding in the 1980s, Mattel’s famous toy brand has grown into a multimedia franchise, with numerous comics, series and the live-action film Masters of the Universe with action legend Dolph Lundgren. Already Since the early 2000s, Hollywood has been working on another live-action film adaptationwhich has been repeatedly sent to development hell over the years.

Most recently, the Sony studio wanted to place a Masters of the Universe film on Netflix, where 3 He-Man animated series have also been released in recent years. Bitter disappointment followed in the summer of 2023: the streamer canceled the project that would have starred Kyle Allen. Netflix is ​​said to have invested $30 million in development by then.

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After it was announced that Amazon wanted to save the Masters of the Universe film, the project is now a new sign of life of himself. According to Deadline, Travis Knight, who directed the acclaimed Transformers film Bumblebee, is currently in final negotiations to direct. The screenplay is being written by Chris Butler (Kubo – The Brave Samurai) based on the previous Netflix script by Dave Callaham, Aaron Nee and Adam Nee.

There is also initial information about the plot of the He-Man film. So the story begins not on He-Man’s homeland of Eternia, but on Earth. Nine-year-old Prince Adam lands there in a spaceship and begins a years-long search for his legendary magical sword. Two decades later he finds it and travels back to his planet, which he must protect from the dark Skeletor.

When is the fantasy film Masters of the Universe coming out?

Even though the project is currently gaining momentum again, fans should curb their anticipation for now. The He-Man film adaptation has been canceled several times shortly before production began. There is also no information about the possible cast or a planned start of filming.

If the Masters of the Universe reboot really becomes a reality this time, filming could begin this year. One would therefore be possible Release in 2025 or 2026. It is still unknown whether the film will be released in cinemas or streamed on Prime Video.